The Apple Cup is owned and operated by Olga Mee, with assistance by her husband Rick Mee. The loft location sits on 5 acres in the high desert region of central Washington on the east side of the city of Yakima. Rick has been involved with pigeons from an early age and Olga raised pigeons with her father back in Ukraine, together they have nearly 100 years of combined experience.

          Since Rick and Olga's marriage over 15 years ago, they have won under the loft name Mee Family Loft countless awards while flying in the Central Texas Combine, then out here in the Columbia Basin Combine, and the Eastern Washington Oregon Combine. Over a two period and between flying in TX and WA the next year, they placed 2nd Middle Distance, 5th Long Distance, 2nd All Distance, 2nd Presidents Cup, 7th best Yearling while flying in TX, then moved out here to WA and flew late hatches as old birds the next year placing 5th Middle Distance, 24th Long Distance, 5th All Distance, and had the 9th best Long Distance pigeon in the AU, that pigeon only being 8 months old and flying out to 500 miles. They also had several champion birds, average speed and master loft awards, not to mention Racing Pigeon Digest Awards. After a heartfelt discussion between the two, it was decided that they needed a new challenge....the Apple Cup was born!

          Participation in the Apple Cup, which was a late hatch race the first two years and a young bird series starting in 2018, has continued to grow each year. Their original plan all along was to one day have a BIG RACE with a HUGE payout! After three years of experience, hitting a few bumps along the way like with any young business, they are now ready to sponsor the Apple Cup for the 4th year!

          Please take a few moments to review the payout chart. Any birds over 1,000 entered in the first race will have their portion of the prize money added to the first place pigeon on the final. We are absolutely sure that you will not find another race that logs as many training miles as the Apple Cup does, where we logged over 1,900 miles in training alone in 2018, more than any other loft in North America.

          Thank you for your interest in the Apple Cup Pigeon Race. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


          Rick & Olga





























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