Apple Cup 2022

Accepting birds and replacements starting February 1st through May 31st, with races held starting in September 2022.

$150,000 based upon 1,000 birds activated! If we get over 1,000 birds activated which we have averaged over the last two years those bird's fees will be added to the final race. See payout tab for details!

6 race series with a 350 mile final race, 300, 250, 200, 165, and 115 mile activation race. There will be a 400 mile optional race for $200 per bird after the final 350 mile race is finished

NO PERCH FEES, $250 per bird due only after the activation race.

ALL RACES BY CLOCKING ORDER ONLY, the only pure clocking order race in the USA!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, contact information under the contact tab. To get the quickest response please text us at 254-247-9504.

If we can not get your birds through the activation race, you owe nothing and we make nothing!

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