Accepting birds and replacements 1 March through May 2021, all birds must have 2021 seamless bands and we advise that all breeders vaccinate their birds at or around 21 days old before sending and please use a new box when shipping. We will return your birds in brand new boxes at the conclusion of the race series

All birds vaccinated for PMV and Paratyphoid upon arrival, then given a booster 30 day later. Shortly after arrival all birds will also be treated for internal/external parasites and canker. All birds will have their 9th and 10th flights pulled and regrown before training begins in August.

Please contact us before shipping any birds and always try to ship on a Monday, Tuesday at the latest and as previously mentioned above, use a new box. Make sure that you have your phone number, loft name, and your first and last name on the box and that it is legible. Some of you use the Click and Ship option but do not have your phone number in the address block, make sure you hand write it in if you do not have it printed on the shipping label. We try to call breeders when their birds arrive if we have time, if there is no number on the box do not expect a call. Again, do not forget to put your LOFT NAME on the box and if sending a check in the box for perch fees include your LOFT NAME on the check!

Perch Fees are $100 per bird and are non refundable, due when the birds arrive. If you have a bird that needs to be replaced during our acceptance period then you are responsible for replacing that bird.

Entry Fees are $300 per bird due immediately after the 100 mile activation race. All birds sent by the breeder must be activated after the activation race and before the first race counting toward AVG speed, no picking and choosing birds. Total refund of your Entry Fee if your bird does not go to the first race in the series

Payout posted under the PAYOUT TAB is based upon 1,500 birds entered in the first race, it will be adjusted if more or less birds are entered however 1st prize is guaranteed at $100,000. Any birds in excess of 1,500 entered in the first race will have their prize money portion, after expenses, added to the first 10 positions on the final 350 mile race. For every 100 birds over 1,500 entered $27,000 will be added to the first 10 positions on the final race which is by clocking order only.

Any birds not paid for 1 day prior to basketing the first race can be activated on a first come basis and are eligible for all prize money. The bird then becomes the property of the person who activates it and that person becomes responsible for paying return shipping costs. The person who entered the bird originally but did not pay Entry Fees for the bird is required to provide a pedigree to the new owner if requested. Failure to comply will result in failure to enter the Apple Cup in the future. Any breeder who fails to pay their perch fees when their birds arrive will not have their birds added to the inventory list until they do so. For 2021 the loft limit is 2,500 birds, pre-paid perches are available starting 1 Jan, 2021 and is the only way to ensure entry for 2021. Any breeder who fails to pay their entry fees after the activation race and before the first average speed race will have their birds blocked from the results of the first race, thus completely throwing themselves out of contention for average speed prizes and their birds become the property of the Apple Cup if no other breeder wishes to activate them.

Birds activated by their owners remain property of the owners, there is no auction at the end, Shipping rates have changed by the USPS and may change again in 2021 therefore shipping costs will be announced as we get closer to the final race. In 2020 we shipped all breeder's birds back in brand new boxes, we feel this is the most professional method in returning birds and it helps stop the spread of disease by using old boxes which often times have been around for years and passed around the country. Shipping will be deducted from winnings, the remainder will be sent in the form of a check. If you do not win any prize money then return of the birds will only be done once we have received the appropriate shipping fees

Any birds not claimed within 14 days after the conclusion of the race series become the property of the Apple Cup.

September 6th 100 M, this is the tentative date of the Activation Race and does not count in to average speed.

Tentative Race dates
September 13th 115 M
September 20th 165 M
September 27th 220 M
October 4th 350 M

All entered birds MUST compete in the entire race series. The ONLY birds removed from the race series will be those who the staff at the Apple Cup deem are no longer capable of continuing due ONLY to illness or injury and for no other reason.

In the event of a exact tie, prizes affected will be added together and split equally among the birds who tied..

In the event that no birds clock within 48 hours from release of any race all money will be divided equally among actual birds sent to that particular race. If all prizes are not claimed within the 48 hour window of the final 350 mile race, the remaining monies will be divided equally among all of the returning birds who returned within 48 hours of release. If there are no remaining birds in the series before the final race, average speed will be computed based upon the races completed.

All races end 48 hrs after release.

Any loft who won prizes will have their return shipping expenses deducted from their winnings. A completed W-9 is required if you win $600 or more and a check will not be issued until we receive same.

If a bird does not scan by the clocking system then they will be hand entered using the time of the last bird on the drop.

All training tosses will be published. All races will have a video done of the actual race releases and posted online.

In the event of a natural disaster, theft, or disease outbreak, the race will be cancelled and all birds will be shipped back at breeder's expense with all entry fees refunded.

Loft visits are welcome but must be made by appointment only at least 24 hrs in advance, Monday through Friday.

Race dates are subject to change due to adverse weather conditions.

The Apple Cup retains the right to approve or refuse any participant into the race!

Many of your questions can be answered by reading the updates which we do almost daily once we start training, please refer to the updates before calling.

The Apple Cup reserves the right to make any and all decisions.

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